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Srimathy Sri Rajani Ruthirakumar started to learn dance when she was 5 years old, in her birthplace Batticalloa, Srilanka. She received a diploma in dance with the title “Nattiya kalai Mamani”.
In Tamil Nadu she pursued higher education in dance and received “Bharatha Choodamani” and “Nattiya Kala Jothy”
After 5 years of her teaching in her home country, she left the country in 1999 to proceed to Germany.
Srirajani Ruthirakumar continued the teaching in Germany from 2000 till she moved to Aberdeen in 2004.
Her teaching career continued in Aberdeen from Oct 2004 till now. The dance school known as “Bharatha Narthanalayam” was formed in 2004, now it is known as “Bharatha Sri Dance academy”.




What is Bharatanatyam?

Originating 2,000 years ago in southern India, Bharata Natyam is one of the most graceful, subtle and sophisticated styles of dance art. It is rooted in the Natyashastra, a treatise on dance, music and drama written by sage Bharata about 3,000 years ago. It is said that the Hindu scriptures (also called Vedas, because they were voluminous) were not being read by the common people. So the gods requested that Bharata create a way to communicate profound knowledge. This was the origin of The Natyashastra, which suggests the use of dance and drama to communicate and create Rasa, an aesthetic experience that transforms the audience.

Bharata Natyam performers must have rigorous attention to technique as well as a wide knowledge of related art forms, especially music. A living and breathing dance theater tradition, Bharata Natyam explores both timeless human concerns and timely complexities of life. The dancer communicates through movements of the limbs, a language of gestures, rhythms executed by footwork, and abhinaya, which is the art of expressing emotions through facial and body language: hands open out and become a flower, birds fly from the dancer’s hand gestures. Each muscle of the dancer’s face transforms into an expressive instrument. As the dancer expresses complex moods and emotions, she or he aspires to create a spiritual message.

Today, Bharata Natyam is not only limited to India, but is a global dance practice. Expanding beyond the ancient traditions of the temples, the repertoire today is infused with both the richness of traditions form the past and the courage for innovation inspired by the present. Performing the dance takes years of devotion and rigorous training. The dance continues to be a form that strikes deeply in humanity, communicating through movement the spiritual and the social. With this rich inheritance of dance theatre, Natya Dance Theatre comments on the spiritual and the social, the past, present and the future through Bharata Nataym dance.


  • The school, formerly known as “Bharatha Narthanalayam” was formed in October 2004.
  • The school had only 5 students when it was formed.
  • The number has increased to over 50 students at present.
  • The progress had brought in new changes to the school- The school is now functioning as a registered, limited company by the name of “Bharatha Sri Dance Academy”
  • Nattiya Kalai Mamani, Bharatha Choodamani , Nattiya Kala Jothy, Srimathy Sri Rajani Ruthirakumar is the founder and the sole Director of this Dance Academy.
  • The students are encouraged to sit for exams conducted by the “Oriental Fine Art Academy of London”, which is referred as OFAAL.
  • In 2006, the first batch of students sat for grade 1 exam conducted by OFAAL
  • On completion of grade 6, the students are awarded “Bharatha Kala Jhothy” . Following that the students carry on to take diploma qualification, certified by the “Oriental Fine Arts Academy of London”. The students may further move on to receive teachers‘training.
  • The first batch of 11 students successfully performed “Arangasthuthy Arangetram” from this academy in 2016.
  • The “Oriental Fine Arts Academy of London” has members from other international countries. At present there are over 300 members registered with them. All the members have Diploma in South Indian Music or Dance.
  • Srimathy Sri Rajani Ruthirakumar has been a member and an examiner with the “Oriental Fine Arts Academy” for 19 years.

Some successful Dance events

conducted by this Dance Academy



  • Dance Gala- 2008
  • Dance Gala- 2011
  • Queen’s Golden Jubilee Celebration- 2013
  • Dance Gala-2014
  • Arangasthuthy Arangetram- 11 students – 2016
  • Arangasthuthy Arangetram – 3 Students – 2017
  • The upcoming event – Diploma Graduation with Oriental Fine Arts Academy of London/ February 2020
  • Dance Gala Celebrating their 16 th Anniversary 22-02-2020.


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